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Technological Tools for Real Estate Brokers


Since the arrival of technology, the world has not been the same, as it has managed to enter into all areas of daily life, creating a world where information, immediacy and technological tools are the order of the day. At present, few areas of daily life that have not been disrupted by technology, especially careers. Real estate brokers have not been the exception, because today thanks to the technological advances the modus operandi of these professionals has changed significantly.

Gabriela Cianni, a real estate broker and founder of Cianni Realty, a company based in Miami, Florida, and Coca Quiroga, president of the Association of Realtors of Puerto Rico, explain which, in her opinion, are some of the technological tools Which are more useful to real estate brokers.”For some time now web pages have functioned as useful tools for the real estate broker to know their services,” said Quiroga.

Also, the President of the Association of Realtors mentioned that there are several websites, such as Point2, which serve various functions such as platform for the Realtor to market, advertise the properties that are for sale and offer you a list of properties, among others.hat “the main tool of the broker is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), through which it can perform an exact search of what the customer needs using specific criteria related to the characteristics of the Property such as location, availability and price.

In the MLS you will have access to confidential information such as, who to contact to view the property, what days are available to show, among others. “Until recently, it was commonplace in Miami to place a box with a key on the door of the residence so that Realtors and Realtors could have access to it. The one who wanted to show it had to know in advance the four digits of access to open it.

This allowed some Brokers or Realtors to take the key so no one else could see the property. Also, others inadvertently left the lights of the residence on or went without closing the door of the residence.Today, there is Supra iBox, a digital box in which you can open the same wirelessly through an iPhone or Blackberry.

This tool stores all information from the Realtor or Realtor that visited and had access to the property. In this way, the Realtor or Corridor owner of the Supra iBox will know who, when and for how long they visited the property, among others. This technological gadget managed to reduce the mishaps to zero, explained Cianni.