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Flooring for Different Rooms of your Home to Boost Property Value


Each room in our home is constructed for a specific purpose and the materials used to construct them should be chosen accordingly. Only few kinds of flooring such as ceramic tile floors from Greer are suitable for all kinds of rooms in a home such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. The reason why ceramic flooring is a safe choice for all rooms is they are water and stain resistant, require less maintenance and are easy to install.

The living room is a place frequently used for lot of everyday activities, hence it should have a floor that tolerates all these physical movements of things and people over its surface during these activities, also it should be attractive as well as it is the most exposed place of the home to set a good mood.

Hardwood, lamination, bamboo or other flooring options can be chosen for the living room. Color schemes can be used to create visual effects, for example, smaller homes can be made to look larger and etc. patterns and designs when well-chosen gives the home a modern and trendy look.

The bedroom can have elegant and creative flooring that can be created with posh carpets and laminated flooring’s. Children’s room should have hard surfaced floors. Wash room is one place that frequently faces with drains, moisture, water, soap and such things; the flooring should be good enough to withstand all these elements. The kitchen flooring is vulnerable to stains and other impurities and when not cleaned and maintained these shall accumulate over time and tiles that are easy to clean and water proof should be used.

Also, expensive flooring types should be avoided in the area of high usage. The laminated or wooden flooring should be avoided in kitchen as the trouble of warping and moisture is more. Wise selection of floor for the specific space can be very dramatic and effective.